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IndicaOnline TV Digital Signage 

Streamline front of house operations, boost sales and create a dynamic customer experience.

Customize promotions and offerings in a snap with instant updates from any location on an unlimited number of devices and screens in every store.


  • Products List
  • Patient Queue
  • Specials & Discounts
  • Custom Ads & Banners
  • Show Your Videos
  • Show Social Accounts

Light and Dark Theme

Our fully functional and system integrated menu board templates are offered in two designs that can be displayed utilizing a light theme with a white background or a dark theme with a black background.
Vert & Horiz Orientation

Digital signage is designed to be displayed in either Horizontal or Vertical orientation. Although Horizontal is often standard, Vertical orientation creates space for a longer menu list.
2 Column Layout

Our complete integration with state medical boards makes physician verification quick and easy. It is crucial for your collective to make sure that the physician you are working with is properly licensed by the state medical board.
Please email us at or visit our FAQs. Call us at 888.420.4207 so you can talk to a real live human if you have questions about your account.